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This is a stunning update of DK's bestselling
My First Dictionary
. This new edition has been thoroughly updated with many fresh images and a bright, bold, modern design. Containing 1000 words, pictures, and definitions by leading early-learning author, Betty Root, this is the perfect first dictionary for children aged five and up. It features nouns, verbs, and adjectives that are most commonly encountered by young children, and definitions that give the word's primary meaning in terms of a child's experience. Every entry has been checked to ensure it is up-to-date and relevant for today, and new words and pictures have been added.Large initial letters are displayed in bright colors to begin each alphabetical entry, and a colorful alphabet header runs across the top of every page. These are useful navigation tools for young children as they learn to recognize letters and understand alphabetical order. The carefully chosen photographs and illustrations are visual clues to each word, helpful for children learning to read. The grid design is easy to follow and accessible, with bold entry words encouraging picture-and-word association. The clear text is perfect for parents to read aloud or for beginner readers to read themselves. The book starts with parents' notes that explain the best way for children to use the dictionary, and ends with fun games that help children practice their alphabet, spelling, word recognition, and dictionary skills.All new artwork, some new photography; minor text updates, where required.Book Features*1000 words, pictures, and definitions-all checked to ensure they are up-to-date*New words and images added*This new edition is a slightly smaller trim size than the original. The original was 330 x 255mm and this updated edition will be 301 x 233mm.